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Tyco Cryogenic Valves and Controls


Tyco Cryogenic Valves and Controls

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Cryogenics the science of materials at extremely low temperatures has become more and more important to industry. One important aspect of this field is the liquefaction of normally gaseous elements, including the following, which are widely used throughout industry:

Oxygen Used extensively in BOF furnaces in the steel industry, for metal cutting, as a rocket fuel and in medicine.

Acetylene Widely used in welding.

Nitrogen Used in refrigeration systems, for metal degassing, in aerosol packaging and in cryogenic surgery.

Hydrogen Used as a rocket propellant and in the production of several metals.

Argon Widely used in incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes.

Helium Used for arc welding, in the manufacture of electron tubes and in cryogenic research.

Carbon Dioxide Used in refrigeration, to make aerosol tanks and in fire fighting.

Other cryogenic fluids include liquefied natural gas, fluorine, krypton, neon, methane and ethane.


Cryogenic Controls (A-32, A-36, B, G-60, E-55, FRM, FRM-2, FRM-2 [HP], FR, FR-6, PBE1, PBE2, LTC, A-31, E-55)
Cryogenic Safety Valve (Type C-776)

Contact Factory for additional information on shut-off and combination valves.

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