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About 500AE Series Solenoid Vacuum Air Pilot Valves

The VA500AE1, VA500AE2 and VV500AE1 Series Electric (Solenoid) Vacuum Valves have an 1/2 pipe port and orifice size.
Exclusive diaphragm-poppet design originated by Humphrey consists of two specially contoured diaphragms mounted on an axial stem within a full-ported, full-orifice valve body combined with Electropact (solenoid) lower-power operator.
This classic design requires no lubrication and is ideal for instrument air or other media which prohibits lubrication. Use of lubrication does not affect valve functioning.
Available in 2- or 3-way models.
Vacuum rating for Vacuum Air-Piloted (VA): 0 to 29.5" Hg. (Order with Viton A diaphragms for vacuum exceeding 29" Hg.)
Vacuum rating for Vacuum Vacuum-Piloted (VV): 20-29.5" Hg (Viton A not available on VV models)
Made in the USA.

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