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An electric actuator is basically a geared motor. The motor can be of various voltages and is the primary torque-generating component. To prevent heat damage from overwork or excessive current draw, electric actuator motors are usually equipped with a thermal overload sensor embedded in the motor windings. This sensor is wired in series with the power source and opens the circuit should the motor be overheated, then closes the circuit when the motor reaches a safe operating temperature.
An electric motor consists of an armature, and electrical winding, and a gear train. When power is supplied to the winding, a magnetic field is generated causing the armature to rotate. The armature will rotate as long as there is power to the windings; when the power is cut, the motor stops. Standard end of travel limit switches, which are necessary for an electric actuator, handle this task.
Electric actuators rely on a gear train coupled directly to the motor to enhance the motor torque and dictate the output speed of the actuator. The only way to change the output speed is to install a cycle length control module. This module allows an increase in cycle time only. If a decrease in cycle time is required, an alternate actuator with the desired cycle time and proper output torque must be used.

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